Silver Eminence

from by Cardinal Wyrm



Wake and listen from your sleeping
Can you hear the whole world creaking?

Rise now from your stupor
Lift up your craving eyes
Behold a sheen of silver
The consul of the void

Anoint the rusted cups and
Unbless these holy seas
Filled to the brim with crimson
Drink deep your blasphemies
For years we lived as spirits
Parade the world as ghosts
Emerge now cold and weary
Into the arms of final host

All sleepers awake

Encroaching horizon
Beyond these walls
Rejoice with poison
The chasm calls

I’m not made for this world
I volunteer my treason
Now the flags of the end unfurl
A changing of the season
I’ve wandered far and wide
Supped the salt in distant lands
Trying to fill this hole inside
As I turned the dirt in my hands
I’ve lingered close to home
Felt the breath heave where I stand
Step into this void alone
And see the dirt wash from my hands

The dust of stars
Courses through our filthy souls
The nebula
Beckons again before it folds

Our phantom limbs will find
The grip that they’ve been seeking
We shed the shell of this world
Down into chaos we sink
Doom’s gilded ambassador
Reduce this flesh to ribbons
A final dawn upon the earth
The last light cast in silver

I’ve lingered close to home
Felt the breath heave where I stand
Step inside of this void alone
And see the dirt washed from my hands

Another sun
Casts a light on all of my mistakes
In emptiness and silence that awaits…



from Cast Away Souls, track released October 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Cardinal Wyrm

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