I Am The Doorway

from by Cardinal Wyrm



The dragon stands between heaven and earth, appearing to the frightened as an angel of death. A forlorn and terrible figure, standing in the crossroads, like the beast of their cradle-bound nightmares. But seen by those who have known him before their time, who have entered the plane of the sophist, and known the apathy and calm of the willing martyr.

And this Gilded Wyrm shall say unto them:"Behold, for I am the doorway. By me if any one shall enter, deep within, so shall they traverse into the fervent pastures of lunacy.”

The planes of this multiverse are many-faced, and the prism inside bends beams of beauty. From the impish light of the Annelid moon, we cross the threshold.

Leave behind the scourge of this existence, oh ye the turncoats of this willing struggle.

Leave, leave behind the scourge of this existence. Watch. Watch the dance of the Nataraja. Listen. Listen to the voice of the naga.

(Selected written excerpts from ‘Chronicles of the Wyrm Mythos’ by Godwinson Asquith Stanley. Audio samples from Stanley’s oral diary, ‘The Portal and My Final Days’)


from Black Hole Gods, released August 5, 2014
Rachel Roomian - Bass
Pranjal Tiwari - Drums / Vocals
Nathan Verrill - Guitars / Synths


all rights reserved



Cardinal Wyrm

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