Cast Away Souls

by Cardinal Wyrm

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released October 14, 2016

Cardinal Wyrm are:

Leila Abdul-Rauf - Trumpet, Vocals, Live Bass
Pranjal Tiwari - Lead Vocals, Drums
Nathan Verrill – Bass, Guitar, Organ, Vocals

Recorded and Engineered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios, Oakland, California

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland, Oregon

Artwork by Kim Holm

(C) and (P) 2016 Cardinal Wyrm

Special thanks to Jarkko Pietarinen and Svart Records, Kim Kelly, Vivek Venkatesh, Kat Urbaniak, Joelle Garson, Kat Young, Uzala (Chad, Chuck, Darcy), Starlight Ritual (Damian, Dan, Forge, JF, Lou), Vastum (Adam, Dan, Leila, Luca, Shelby)



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Cardinal Wyrm

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Track Name: Silver Eminence
Wake and listen from your sleeping
Can you hear the whole world creaking?

Rise now from your stupor
Lift up your craving eyes
Behold a sheen of silver
The consul of the void

Anoint the rusted cups and
Unbless these holy seas
Filled to the brim with crimson
Drink deep your blasphemies
For years we lived as spirits
Parade the world as ghosts
Emerge now cold and weary
Into the arms of final host

All sleepers awake

Encroaching horizon
Beyond these walls
Rejoice with poison
The chasm calls

I’m not made for this world
I volunteer my treason
Now the flags of the end unfurl
A changing of the season
I’ve wandered far and wide
Supped the salt in distant lands
Trying to fill this hole inside
As I turned the dirt in my hands
I’ve lingered close to home
Felt the breath heave where I stand
Step into this void alone
And see the dirt wash from my hands

The dust of stars
Courses through our filthy souls
The nebula
Beckons again before it folds

Our phantom limbs will find
The grip that they’ve been seeking
We shed the shell of this world
Down into chaos we sink
Doom’s gilded ambassador
Reduce this flesh to ribbons
A final dawn upon the earth
The last light cast in silver

I’ve lingered close to home
Felt the breath heave where I stand
Step inside of this void alone
And see the dirt washed from my hands

Another sun
Casts a light on all of my mistakes
In emptiness and silence that awaits…

Track Name: The Resonant Dead
A cold moon casts upon the shore
The fading glance of twilight
The black sea shimmering before us
Fades into the night

Crouched on withered shins
Bent before forever
Blood to tame the spirit of
Loss and the misery
All clean thoughts to sever
From this plagued inheritance

It’s the end of the fall
And the time of the winds
Hear the creaking of boards
And the voice of the storm

A thimble of vinegar is all
That separates the soul
From ruin and regret
The sound of all of those that we lost
It rings
Resounds with every step

Cradled in winter’s sheath
A sun shone forever
Beautiful restless spirit of
This living heresy
Our silent bond irreverent
Hold true to our sacred call

Hear the coming of the spring
And the heat of the thaw
All around us they sing
All these voices they call

Crouched on winter shins
A sun shone forever
Beautiful restless spirit of
This plain of heresy
All clean thoughts to sever
Hold true to our sacred call

It’s the crying of the wind
And the call in the storm
It’s the creaking of boards
It’s the reverent time

And in my head
Sing the resonant dead
Sing the resonant dead
Speak the resonances
Sing the resonant dead
The sound that binds us all

Cradled in withered sheaths
Bent before forever
Blood to tame the spirit of
Lost lives of misery
Our silent bond irreverent
The sound of our plagued inheritance

Hear the herald of the wind
And the creaking of boards
Hear the voice of the storm
And the end that surrounds
Track Name: Grave Passage
We walked till dawn
To find the doorway to the stars
(A dream of release
In shaking vows
To leave this world
Of pain unbound)

Across the raging waters
Into the chamber of earth and stone
(A tomb at rest
In cruciform
The corbelled slabs
Above the swells)

A seeker falls, down,
Into the pit ‘neath moss-filled walls
(Our brother gone
We can’t look back
We move as one
Into the black)

One more friend lies in our wake, but
We push forth our escape to the stage above
(A multiverse
The planes unbound
And here we sweat
In its siren sound)

Tunnel through crumbling halls
Where the dead bear quiet witness
Torches lit as we crawl
Secure our desperate egress

But when we emerge
To the shadow that orbits our thoughts
And holds us down with its weight
This idol of stone
That we built to free us from this place
Points up to the void
Knowingly as it laughs in my face

The ancient songs,
Tales of the wyrmhole
Where we could abscond
When they put us against the wall
This parallel universe
That we sought through our menhir’s magic
Left us on the hill
Could and fraught from this grave passage

There is no door
No portal to forgiveness
We’re left on the shore
Forlorn ones to bear witness
Track Name: Lost Orison
Where were we when the continents fell?
Where were we when the oceans swelled?

Were we lost and adrift, were we drowning then?
Were we safe, were we clinging to trinkets then?

The sea had its monsters adorned with our crowns,
Put our faith in the sky as its weight held us down

Keep us safe, keep us penned, keep us hollow men
This deal we have with the devil
Keep our gaze at our feet till we sleep again
Just because we’re able
There’s a hole deep within and it won’t relent
Deep blue sea in which we revel
There’s a sky up above, seas surround us then…
…ever caught in the middle.
Track Name: Soul Devouring Fog
When the bell tolls then we bring out our dead ones in hope
Burn the sick sheets
These times of the pall, we float in the midst of its presence
Drift in circles
We walk through the clouds that corrode our skin, lay our bones before the
Silent hunter
It waits for the cold and the weak to succumb and our fears to vapor
Drink and breathe in…

A horned beast walks through these streets in shade of streetlights
Its footsteps sound through the fog that lingers tonight
A shrill scream rings out into your fevered visions
The blood needs salt to flow along through its mortal prison

The coiled knees and cloven hooves are poised to crush the sickened
And twelve eyes look on and stare into the cloudy distance
It sees you and it knows you feel its stinking presence
Pulled down into the dirt before your last confession

Shadows through the mist, they dance in clouded mirrors
Raise the cup and drink, delay these psychic shivers
The fear of the outside, it cuts with blades and needles
One more hour to hide, before the final leaving time

Before I face the demon
My soul it drifts away
Through a fog of sins and a past despised,
In the burning smoke of ages
With cold dead weight of words unsaid
And the bitter taste of ashes
Sits on the heart like city snow,
I stand and watch the sun go down

Oh where did it go wrong for me?
Now the judgement bell is tolling
Such a paltry faith in prophecy
When you see the heads are rolling…

Haunters of my past lives
Stalkers in the mind’s eye
Watchers of the end times
Gathered on the cliff side
Shroud of fog fills my mind
When the final bell chimes
Spirits of the dead cry,
“Come and take the last ride.”

Come and take the last ride.
Track Name: After the Dry Years
A secret whispered into dust
Beneath the rumbling grey
The sky above, a groaning husk,
Brims and fades away
I’ve coughed up dust now for so long
Forgotten how to breathe
But when the first drops fall they don’t stop
For you or me

Hear the cracked mouths cry for rain
The dry land thirst for water
We slit their throats in sacrifice
For our sons and daughters
Praying for a future
Killing for a new day
Be careful what you wish for
Lest it all be washed away

After the dry years
Let fall the rain

A curse on all your houses, those were the words that were said before the crimson herald came to deliver the message of rain. A robed envoy of deluge and flood against a bloated, black horizon, stood before the prince of the thousand year storm. Engorge your lustful mouths, it said, and choke down the sodden waters of yours prayers.

A thousand lives ago
I dreamed of a distant place
Where winding waters flowed
With each drop the pain erased

And drowning in the hopes that we set aloft on diseased wings
Harbored tales of rain in the shelter that our dreams bring
Return us to the soil when we’re cold and soft and leaking
Forgive us all the sins that we spent as we were seeking

The mythological figure of Charon appeared to the Greeks as first an unkempt and then a kindly ferryman, pilot of the boat that carried the dead across the river Styx to the shore of eternity. But this river has two shores, one in life and one in death, and as I stand before this great and distant body of water, I realize I know not on which side I find myself, or if I even care.

A pound of flesh and silver
Rest on eyes that see no more
Two coins to pay the boatman
That ferries us to the shore

Here comes the century storm
The drought shall come to pass
Now ghosts and memories float up
From the distant past

And drowning in the hopes that we set aloft on diseased wings
Harbored tales of rain in the shelter that our dreams bring
Return us to the soil when we’re cold and soft and leaking
Forgive us all the sins that we spent as we were seeking

(All washed away)
A pound of flesh and silver
(All washed away)
Rest on eyes that see no more
(All washed away)
Two coins to pay the boatman
(All washed away)
That ferries us to the shore
(All washed away)

This was the curse that the consul sent, an aching thirst that can’t be quenched. I realize now I know not on which side I find myself, or what I hoped to find, stood before the prince of a thousand year storm.